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14 Mar 06 - Added Orson Cooper, south of Henge of Denravi, pointed out by Kevin, from my guild, Knights and Heros.  Posted a new picture of Lord Dorn Lendrigen, who's prices of bleached shells dropped from 5 to 2 after the recent update, this was brought to me by Aeknold Setha, from GameAmp. 


7 Nov 05 - Fixed a bunch of broken links and removed the pre-searing map.  I did this because it has been reported to me that there are a lot of changes and I do not have a pre searing character to find the new locations and what they are offering.  If somebody wants to help on this, let me know.       

13 Sep 05 -Since the Sorrows Furnace update some of the collectables have changed.  I updated the one I know about (the Crimson Carapace Shield from Hagnon Warblade, just outside of Camp Rankor, is now "while hexed" not "in stance")  If you find other changes please let me know so I can keep this site up to date. 


Welcome  to my  page of Guild Wars Maps.

This page started after looking at the maps and such that are were available and not being satisfied with them.

 I am not trying to recreate one of the many advertising based sites, nor do I want duplicate their information, unless is is in a better presentation.

I am open to suggestions about making my site better.  Feel free to write me with ideas.

Many thanks to my guild-mate and friend Clincher who helped collect the images used and serves as my art critic.


Celtic Knot Celtic Knot

I believe in giving proper credit.  Buttons and text artwork are courtesy of